Recent advances in neurobiology and positive psychology show that the feeling of pleasure can be activated, consciously and deliberately, through the use of modalities such as mindfulness, cognitive reframing, and specific breathing practices and body movements. This activation, in turn, has a myriad of beneficial effects, such as reducing anxiety and depression, strengthening the immune system, enhancing creative flow, facilitating trust, communication and connection, and increasing feelings of love for oneself and for others. (Click here to read more about the recent research on the positive effects of pleasure).

Based on these and other ground-breaking recent advances, the Practical Pleasureā„¢ Coaching Model uses a highly effective and synergistic combination of techniques based on attachment theory, cognitive psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, and breathing and movement practices. These effective and easy to learn techniques will help you master the art of pleasure in your relationships, by learning to communicate with power, connect to your partner with full emotional depth, and create and maintain passion and sexual polarity.

Sessions are undertaken once every 1 or 2 weeks, depending on the client’s needs and desired time commitment. Sessions can be done in person in New York or Istanbul, as well as via Skype.

During the first few sessions I will do a thorough assessment of your relationship and sexual history and patterns, attachment style and experiences. Working together, we will identify your current needs and discuss some quick solutions for you to try out as soon as you leave. At this point, if you and I agree together that continuing will be in your best interest, I will ask you to commit to subsequent weekly or bi-monthly sessions. These subsequent sessions will encompass coaching, psycho-education and experiential exercises that will identify unproductive patterns of communication, which you will replace with powerful methods to communicate effectively with your partner. I will also show you practices to increase your somatic awareness of sexual and emotional patterns that prevent you from connecting more deeply to a partner, which you will release to make room for more emotional vitality and sexual polarity.

At the end of the first session I will give you a “toolkit” of practices to boost daily pleasure. Moving forward, I will continue to provide you with an individually tailored set of daily practices that you can do at home or elsewhere, any time.

My goal is to have you live your life guided by the wisdom of your desires — and to create relationships that enhance mutual growth, self-expansion and passion!

I also offer psychotherapy sessions for a variety of other issues.Please click here for more information.