Love, Desire and the Art of Polarity in Intimate Partnerships

February 7, 2012
6-9 pm
JujoMukti Tea Lounge
211 East 4th Street between Avenues A and B
Manhattan, New York

Do you wonder why you are attracted to some people but not others, and why attraction between you and your chosen partner may wax and wane during the course of a relationship?

Would you like to explore the energetic principle of polarity that lies behind attraction, passion and desire?

Would you like to learn skills to create an immediate magnetic attraction with your intimate partner any time you want?

Come join Leyla Gulcur and Julio Cortes for an evening of lecture, demonstration and fun exercises designed to show how you can move, breathe and connect with others in order to create and enhance mutual attraction. Based on Taoist and Tantric principles from China and India, these practices will help you take your relationship skills even higher. You will leave with a short and easy take-home practice to help spark and maintain the fire of magnetic attraction between you and your partner any time you like.

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