Gottman 7 Principles Workshop at New York University


April 26, 2016; April 25 2017
New York University
New York

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage (and Relationships) Work is the highly acclaimed culmination of four decades of research by Dr. John Gottman, made available to couples like you who long for better relationships.

This 2-hour workshop encompasses an introduction to 4 of the 7 Principles: Knowing Our Partner’s World, Nurturing Fondness and Admiration, Building Positive Sentiments and Managing Conflict. Using a variety of fun exercises and practices, you will deepen your knowledge of one another, build trust and positive feelings, and understand how to work with conflicts effectively.

You will leave this workshop with a toolkit of daily skills that you can use with your partner at any time to enhance your appreciation of each other and to effectively manage conflict when it arises.