The Power of Space, Gaze and Touch: Developing Bioenergetic Awareness in Relationships

September 9-11 2011

• Have you ever wondered what it would be like to relate to another person through the power of non-verbal communication?

• Would you like to explore and access the different types of non-verbal communication skills available to you?

• Would you like to learn the necessary skills to more effectively synchronize yourself with another person?

If so, come join Julio Cortés and Leyla Gulcur in a workshop to learn how to use touch, gaze and sense of space to enhance the way you communicate with another person. You will also learn how to pick up other people’s non-verbal cues to better understand what they are communicating to you and to make communication and relating much more authentic and enjoyable.

We have prepared a variety of practices to help you experience this, including Taoist breathing and movement exercises, eye gazing, and energy work. You will leave with the workshop with a better awareness and enhanced skills that will help you take your relationship skills even higher.