Slow down. Breathe. Connect.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013, 7:45 – 10:00 pm
Winnipeg, Canada

Human connection is the reason we are on this planet. To truly know someone is to know their heart- and to feel that presence with your own. As the world and our technology get faster, it appears we have more opportunity for connection than ever before. On the surface it looks great. Social media and smart phone technology are teaching us we never have to be alone, and yet… more and more, we are feeling lonely. Research is showing something is missing. The same treasure we find in yoga class within ourselves is the very thing we need from- and to share with- each other. The visceral experience of connection. And we can have it – with intention, and practice. This is the vital nourishing part of our well-being- our birthright, according to every spiritual tradition there is- that is missing in the edited, ultimately unsatisfying blur of technology. The pseudo- connection it offers does not add up, and our health- and that of this planet- depends on finding a balance we can live with.

So. If you have ever felt the desire to live your life with greater intimacy, acceptance, respect, and LOVE, the first step is here. SLOW down. Take a breath. BE vulnerable. Take chances, RISK. Let others see you… and see THEM in turn. LAUGH. Cry. Be REAL.

Join Leyla Gulcur, David Hadaller and Joseph Teskey in celebrating the most electrifying, exciting, and playful experience there is. Nothing is more sacred. And we can only do it TOGETHER.

It’s time to practice Conscious Connection.

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