My name is Leyla Gulcur. I’m a psychologist by training but I also wear many other hats: university instructor, sexuality educator, qigong teacher — and much more. A long-time practitioner of tai chi, bagua and meditation, I have combined my experience and background in Western psychology, Chinese medicine and Taoist energy arts to create a pleasure-based coaching practice designed specifically to help individuals and couples craft conscious ways of relating with each other through the enhancement of communication skills, emotional vitality and sexual polarity.

I conduct coaching sessions, trainings and workshops with individuals, couples and groups. Additionally, I teach psychology at New York University and have worked with non-profits around the globe to enhance human rights and sexual health worldwide.

I also have a separate clinical practice. Click here to see my psychotherapy services.

After I finished my undergraduate studies at Duke University I went on to receive my Ph.D. in psychology at New York University. I come from a multicultural background and am multilingual in English, Turkish, French — plus a smattering of Italian.

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With Practical Pleasure Coaching you will:

• Discover the different sexuality models • Learn the difference between linear and circular sex • Understand how your attachment style impacts your relationship • Identify your sexual inhibitors and excitators • Recognize your sexy and not-so-sexy contexts • Master slow sex and tantra skills • Playfully enhance sexual polarity between you and your partner • Gain immediate access to a toolkit of practices to boost daily pleasure

What clients say

Lana M.

Lana M.

Business Owner

"I I wanted you to know I am so immensely grateful for our sessions. Your teaching me all those dating tips has meant so much to me and truly changed my dating life in so many amazing ways"

Ezra G.

Ezra G.

Independent Artist

"I never knew mindful sex and tantra practices could change my marriage like this. My partner has gone from not wanting to be touched to not able to get enough of me! I am so lucky to have found you!"

Priya S.

Priya S.


"When I first came to you I was on the verge of giving up that I would ever be able to know what it was like to experience pleasure. You helped me find joy in my life and my relationship. What else can I say but: wow"


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+1 212-243-0592